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Package Receiving Service | Brooklyn, NY

Package Receiving in Brooklyn, NY

Never Miss A Delivery Again!

Have you experienced the frustration of ordering something online only to have it lost in “carrier limbo”  because you weren’t home to sign for it when (UPS, FedEx, DHL or USPS) tried to delivery it?

Or worse yet, did they leave a package on your porch or in the driveway, only to have it stolen by “package poachers”? The delivery companies can now leave packages without your signature, so any bad guys cruising the neighborhood can simply jump out of their car and grab your stuff. This type of theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the US today.

Office 11206 can solve these problems by receiving your letters and packages at our location. We are open six days per week for extended hours, so FedEx, DHL, UPS and USPS can deliver to on your behalf—and never miss a delivery!

Our Package Receiving Services Include:

  • Signing for your shipments when they arrive
  • Recording packages in our Package Receiving Management system
  • Notification via phone, text or email when you have a package
  • Safe and secure storage of packages until you pick them up – at your convenience!

We charge a small nominal fee for each package, or you can rent a private mailbox and receive all of your mail and packages as part of the service. So stop the package merry-go-round and use Office 11206 for your letter and package receiving service in Brooklyn, NY.

Receiving Fees

0 lbs - 10 lbs*


11 lbs - 20 lbs*


21 lbs - 30 lbs*


31 lbs - 40 lbs*


41 lbs - 50 lbs*


51 lbs - 60 lbs*


61 lbs - 99 lbs*


100 lbs or greater*

Not supported

Add. Skid Fee

Not supported

Extended Storage Fees

0 lbs - 20 lbs*

7 days or more

$1.00 per day

21 lbs* or greater

4 days - 7 days

$1.00 per day

21 lbs* or greater

7 days or more

$2.00 per day

*All weights are based on industry standard DIMENSIONAL WEIGHTS (LXHXW) /138


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